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First Aid For Heat

First aid for heat, well, it’s that time of the year. Where we pack away our work hat to relax over the well-earned festive break. For some, this includes packing families into a car and arriving somewhere beautiful to enjoy the heating summer days. For others, it may just be relaxing outside or under an air conditioner.

is super important, whether your spare time takes you this summer make sure you are sun smart and stay well hydrated.

To ensure you’re prepared for a Heat emergency to take a look at Safe Work Australia’s First Aid For Heat guide. First Aid For Heat. It will help you prepare first aid responses for Heat-related illnesses including; heat exhaustion, sunstroke, dehydration, heat rash, fainting and heat cramps.

At Medical Solution, we wish you all a Safe and Joyous Festive Season. We thank you all for your support and we look forward to ‘Aiding Your Care’ in 2020.


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