Are you being Sun Smart?


Sun Smart in 2020:

It’s that time of year again, where we are all happily welcoming the last term of the school year, along with the glorious long-awaited, warmer weather.

Term 1 and 4 are known for scorching hot days undoubtedly accompanied by blaring, dangerous UV rays. Here at Medical Solution, we take safety in the sun very seriously, equivalent to schools. That’s why we work closely with our schools and their needs to ensure we can achieve and maintain safety in the sun, with consecutive protected sun exposure for all kids!

Click here for Victorian Government school policy (Sun and UV protection)

If your work takes you outside, Click Here to read Work Safe recommendations for being Sunsmart

There is a huge misconception about sun protection. Some people believe that the temperature affects the strength of the UV rays, it doesn’t! In fact, it could be a pleasant 20-degree day with threatening UV rays, just because you can’t feel the heat, it does not mean they aren’t there. They can pass through light clouds and they peak during school hours. Therefore we want to help you, help your kids stay safe!

We understand how crazy playtime and lunch can be. As well as how difficult it can be to ensure every child has sunscreen on and has grabbed their hat from their school bag. Our aim is to try and alleviate that stress and properly prepare you for the sunny terms ahead!

From my experience in being a previously certified supervisor at OHSC, I highly recommend stocking up early and covering all your bases! We sell a great range of products that can help you do just that!

Click on any link below for more information and pricing on our extensive, versatile sunscreen range.

Our sunscreens are SPF 50+ and proudly Australian made.


UP5100 – Great for bum bags/backpacks and excursions!

UP5500P – Great for classrooms, offices, out of hour’s school care and events! (Bracket available)

UP501LP – Recommended for more trafficked larger areas such as first aid rooms, classrooms, gym areas, stadiums etc! (Bracket available for easy use)

HAM15/10 – Great for all teachers on the go and bum bags/backpacks. Single-use! (Available in each’s or packs of 10)

Click on any link below for more information and pricing on our cooling products we strongly recommended for those hot days

KU011 – This is a fantastic product that we recommend during warmer weather and is a great relief for sunburn. (Available in each’s and box quantities)

C106/C108 – This is a great quick and easy method! (If you buy of me in BULK, I can save you money).

We have also focused our Term 4 school specials on sun safety. Call us now for your copy 1300 136 158





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