• Australian made sanitiser
  • Alcohol HAND SANITISER 100ml





  • Hand sanitiser Melbourne

    Alcohol HAND SANITISER 500ml



  • DET-SOL 5000 SACHET 20G

    DET-SOL 5000 SACHET 20G

    1 Sachet Makes 1 litre

    Det-Sol 5000 – economical and easy to store “instant” disinfectant that is created by adding a powder bleach solution to water.

    $2.95$4.50 34% off
  • 1 ltr Australian made handsanitiser
  • AQIUM GEL 375G

    AQIUM GEL 375G

  • buy small hand sanitiser

    Non-Ethanol HAND SANITISER GEL 100ML

    Alcohol free formula won’t dry or irritate the skin. Use a small (pea-sized) droplet for full protection

    Continues to kill bacteria for up to 6 hours.

    Also available in 50ml, 500 ml pump or 1 ltr pump

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  • Surface Sanitiser 125ml

    Surface Sanitiser Mist 125ml. Alcohol free sanitiser for hands and surface cleaning and protection.

    Active Ingredient: Benzalkonium Chloride

  • $89.00
  • medi-san medical solution

    Alcohol HAND SANITISER 1 litre

    Medi-San is a Hospital Grade clear, odourless sanitising gel that rapidly kills 99.999% of germs on contact.

    Australian Made Hand Sanitiser with 70% alcohol.

    Available in 50ml, 500ml, 1 ltr, 5ltr & 20ltr



  • sanitiser

    Surface Sanitiser 30ml Spray







  • ANTIBAC-SAN SPRAY – Sanitiser 500ML

    AntiBac-San 500ML Disinfectant and sanitiser spray

    • Kills Covid-19 and other Viruses
    • Stays active on a surface for 28 days
    • Cleans & Sanitises


    Australian made

    AntiBac-San 5L Bulk container. Kills COVID-19 in 60 seconds

    TGA Approved- Kills COVID-19 in 60 seconds and stays active on surfaces for 28 days




  • sanitiser refill
  • Australian made sanitiser

    Non-Ethanol HAND SANITISER GEL 250ml

    Alcohol-free Hand Sanitiser formula won’t dry or irritate the skin. Use a small (pea-sized) droplet for full protection

    Continues to kill bacteria for up to 6 hours.

    Active Ingredient 0.13% Benzalkonium Chloride (Quaternary Ammonium Compound)

    Also available in 30ml, 100ml, 500 ml pump or 1 ltr pump and 1ltr refill

  • Non- Ethanol Hand Sanitiser Foam 60ml

    Alcohol free Hand Sanitiser. Easy to apply foam 60ml



The importance of personal hygiene has been highlighted by the recent Coronavirus pandemic. As we begin to step out again, it is important not to let our guard down. The best way to protect you and your family is through the regular washing of hands. Hand sanitisers can kill the coronavirus, and 99.9% of germs which ensures that they do not enter your system. We have a variety of hand sanitisers and surface sanitisers available to purchase. This means that you can clean your hands, and also disinfect surfaces to ensure that they remain free from coronavirus and any other pathogens. It is important to have a good understanding of how to use these sanitisers, and the ways in which they can help to protect you and the surrounding environment around you.

Hand Sanitisers

You can choose from alcohol and non-ethanol hand sanitisers. Both are equally effective at getting rid of 99.9% of bacteria. Additionally, they are designed to be non-drying and comfortable for your hands. This means you can apply them throughout the day to ensure that your hands remain free from bacteria and viruses. Your hands will feel soft and fresh after application. But, most importantly, they will be free from pathogens.

If your hand sanitiser has run out, then it is cost-efficient and environmentally friendly to purchase a refill. You will be able to get the same benefits without needing to buy a new sanitiser.

Surface Sanitisers

One of the most common ways that coronavirus and other pathogens spread is through surfaces. They can often live for hours and even days on these surfaces. This is why it is vital to wipe down these surfaces with sanitisers that can kill 99.9% of pathogens. We recommend that surfaces are wiped daily to prevent the spread of coronavirus and other diseases. You can have peace of mind that these surface sanitisers will get to every spot.

Water-Free Sanitisers

It is important to keep safe even between washes. You can benefit from water-free sanitisers that allow you to kill germs with ease. When your hands have been potentially exposed, you can put your mind at ease by rubbing them with water-free sanitisers. They are easy to use and convenient to carry around. You can keep them at your workspace to use throughout the day, or you can have them around the house.

Hospital-Grade Disinfectants

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way clean-up, then you can benefit from hospital-grade disinfectants that meet the standards required. Bulk quantities are available to help you get better value for money. These professional high-grade sanitisers can be used for both residential and commercial spaces. They provide peace of mind and are easy to apply.

Overall, you will be able to find the right type of sanitiser to suit your needs. Now more than ever, it is vital that everyone plays their part in stopping in the spread of the coronavirus. You can protect your friends, family, and local community by taking the right precautions. Sanitisers are essential for stopping the spread of any disease.

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