Medical Solution Service Program

First Aid & Spill Kits
Are environmental compliance & OH&S due diligence just more things to worry about?
Let us do the worrying for you.
To ensure that your OH&S duty of care is met, Medical Solution has launched a complete maintenance service for your first aid kits.

– Timely inspections conducted by our service representative;
–  Kits cleaned and restocked on the spot; and
–  A written inspection report on the condition of each kit

1. You are fulfilling your OHS duty of care without costing yourself or your business valuable time;
2. Kits are restocked without delay, ensuring full protection for your business;
3. You pay no freight fee for the items restocked, reducing your costs;
4. The serviceability and appearance of your kits are maintained at optimum levels;
5. Staff training can be provided on an ongoing basis, ensuring that your team can effectively handle medical threats;
6. Full backup is available from our professionally qualified staff;
7. Complete records of the condition of each kit are provided to you; and
8. As all expired items collected are donated to Wildlife Victoria, you are contributing to a worthy cause and reducing the amount of waste being put to landfill

We can also audit Spill Equipment during our visit!

Also Available:
Spill kit Training and Chemical Handling Training conducted by a qualified Trainer with a Certificate IV in OHS

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