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What’s new in Snake bite First Aid?

Snake Bite First Aid- What’s changed?

So much of what we see in the movies around snake bites make good viewing on the screen but is so wrong in terms of real First aid!

Firstly we now know that most snake venom reaches the bloodstream via the lymphatic system. So we are not trying to cut off circulation at the bite site by applying a tight bandage or tourniquet. We also do not ‘Suck out Venom’ or ask the patient to walk around- we want to keep the heart rate slow to slow that rate of absorption of the venom.

Research has shown that very little snake venom reaches the circulation, even after several hours, if the Pressure Immobilisation Technique (PIT) is applied immediately and maintained.

How to apply the Pressure Immobilisation Technique after a snake bite:

  • Apply bandage directly of bite site (do not rinse)- applying correct tension as shown in the above image. Use a marker to mark the bite site for easy access to my medical personnel.
  • Then work from the lowest part of the limb (either fingers or toes as appropriate) as high up the limb as is possible. Use the 2nd bandage if necessary.
  • Immobilise the limb using a sling, splint etc.

See more detailed guidelines for snake bites here

At Medical Solution, our aim is to deliver quality first aid items that assist First Aiders to respond quickly and effectively. Our Snake Bite Bandages with indicators are a great example of this. Bandage Starts as printed rectangles that become squares when stretched at the correct tension, without cutting off circulation

Snakebite bandage indicator

In a first aid response at least 2 x 4.5m bandages would be needed or just 1 x10.5m bandage.

When the bandage is complete, mark the area of the bite site with a marker.

Complete Snake Bite First Aid kits are available in our First Aid Shop or add a snake bite module to your existing first aid kit.

Reassure the patient keep them still until medical assistance arrives.

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