AsGuard Flex +Non-Woven Roll with Pad 5cm x 10m


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AsGuard Flex + Non-Woven Dressing rolls combine a low-adherent absorbent pad with a soft and comfortable non-woven adhesive backing.
The self-adhesive rolls are “cut-to-length” and ideal for fixation of difficult contour areas.

Suitable For:

  • Post-operative and minor wounds where water resistance is not required
  • Lightly exuding wounds

Product Features:

  • Low-adherent pad
  • Conformable adhesive cloth
  • Measurement guide on release paper makes sizing of dressing easy

AsGuard Flex Plus all-in-one flexible fixation tape and low adherent wound pad can be cut to length required for use in first aid emergencies and wound dressing.
AsGuard Flex is a simple, secure fixation and dressing for minor wounds.
AsGuard Flex dressing strip is a latex-free and non-allergenic wound care dressing.

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AsGuard Flex +Non-Woven Roll with Pad 5cm x 10m