Heat Pack- 12 hours of heat


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Instant Heat Pack- 12 hours of heat for pain relief from sore & stiff muscles and joints.

These heat patches provide constant heat that can remain safely on the same area for 12 hours. Thermal Buddy Instant heat patches provide mild heat that can help to ease arthritic pain and stiffness, minor aches and pains, stress and tension, abdominal and menstrual cramps, back pain due to pregnancy, and some sports injuries.

Instant heat patches are air-activated, a non-medicated, odourless steady heat source that maintains an average temperature of 53degrees for a full 12 hours

Heat patches are also a great way to keep warm during cold weather or warehouse environments

Instant Heat Packs are a natural-based product providing warmth, pain relief, and comfort for up to 12 hours. The heat patches are an effective alternative to anti-inflammatory and related medication and useful as pain relief. Heat Patches are effective for back pain, period pain, arthritis, and muscular pain.

How to apply instant heat patches:

These heat patches have an adhesive backing that is attached to your underclothing (not directly to the skin) over the area of discomfort. The adhesive will not stain or damage most types of materials. The adhesive keeps the heat patch located where you need it for the entire 12 hours without slipping.

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Where ice therapy is required use Cool Relief Patches for instant and long-lasting coolness


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Heat Pack- 12 hours of heat