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Mini Burn Kit

Contents: 10x10 Hydrogel dressing. Hydrogel sachets (5) Securing Bandage

Use for minor burns, scalds, and sunburns

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Burn First Aid is made easy with this mini burn kit.

The burn First Aid Kit contains burn gel, burn dressings, and a securing bandage.

This mini burn first aid kit is ideal for areas where heat burns are likely to occur.

Complete burn care with pain-relieving hydrogel.

Burn First Aid Instructions:

  1. Place burn under cold running water for 20mins
  2. For small spot burns, apply hydrogel liberally to the burn area. For larger minor burns, place the burn dressing (impregnated with hydrogel) over the affected area
  3. Cover with poly-film (if available) and bind lightly with the bandage if required. Repeat application in 30 minutes or as needed.

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