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Medical Solution Burn Module

Safework & Worksafe Code of Practice Compliant for first aid kits where the risk of serious burn injuries exists.

Burn Modules need to be included in First Aid Kits where:

  • Heat is used
  • Flammable liquids are used
  • Chemical acids or alkalines are used
  • Other corrosive chemicals are used


An easy grab burn care first aid module. This Burn Module is contained within a clip seal bag and is WHS compliant. Burn Modules meet the requirements for the speedy and effective treatment of a serious burn from either heat or chemicals. Complete first response kit that allows for a quick response to emergency burn situations.

This burn module does not replace the need to provide drench showers when required by the regulations or other compliance codes.


  • 2 x Burns Instruction Card
  • Bandage Conforming Light 7.5cm
    Poly sheet 61cm x 92cm Large
    Poly sheet 10cm x 20cm Medium
    Poly sheet 10cm x 10cm Small
    Gloves Nitrile Large Pair (Disposable)
    Hydrogel Sachets 3.5g
    Hydrogel Dressing 10cm x 10cm

Burn First Aid Instructions:

  1. Place burn under cold running water for 20mins
  2. For small spot burns, apply hydrogel liberally to the burn area. For larger minor burns, place the burn dressing (impregnated with hydrogel) over the affected area
  3. Cover with poly-film and bind lightly with the bandage if required. Repeat application in 30 minutes or as needed.
  • Burn First aid
  • BURN GEL 25G
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