What should I have in my Workplace First Aid Kit? First Aid kit Contents

First Aid Kit contents for Australian workplaces- what’s the law?

All workplaces must have a first aid kit. This includes vehicles if you drive for work purposes. To choose the right First Aid Kit for your workplace browse our First Aid kit category or call us on 1300 136 158.

So, you have a first aid kit but not sure if it meets first aid legislation requirements?  Well this depends on which state of Australia you work in. Yes, we are one country but we have not fully harmonised our OHS laws-yet!

If you work in Victoria the regulator is The Victorian Worksafe Authority and they have issued a Code of Practice for First Aid Kits in the workplace. To make sure your first aid kits comply with the Compliance Code use our quick order form for first aid kit contents and suggested quantities. You can also upgrade your current first aid kit contents here. Want us to restock your kit and take the hassle away from OHS compliance? Then you need to sign up to our service programme for a reliable and systematic approach to First Aid Compliance.

If you work in any other state (other than Western Australia) Safe Work Australia is the regulator and they have devised the following First Aid Content list:

Do you work in WA? Then add a pen torch, paracetemol and cotton tip applicators to the above list and you are set.

As every workplace is different you should also conduct a First Aid Risk Assessment to ensure you have considered all possible hazards in your workplace. You may also need to add the following modules to your first aid kit contents to be fully compliant:

Eye module – Where risk of eye injuries exist

Burn Module– Where risk of heat and chemical burns exist

First Aid kits reduce the risk of infection, illness and injury. Appropriate response can only be ensured if staff a trained in First Aid and CPR. Check out our training page or visit www.safetytrainingsolution.com.au to make sure you have completed the most current First Aid course and to book a training session today.


Also, don’t forget what the last “D” stands for in DRSABCD- Defibrillation! It just might save a life. All Defibrillators come with free product training so book a demo today.


Please feel free to contact us at anytime for advice or to discuss your requirements.

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