Driving holidays with travel sick passengers- be prepared!

Long car trips can be a nightmare if you’re travelling with passengers who suffer motion sickness. Your holiday may require some extra planning and supplies. Prevention is certainly better than cure in this case and most medications are preventative not curative so you need to take them at least 30 minutes before the journey begins.
There is research to suggest a natural remedy for car and motion sickness is ginger, which can help to ease the symptoms. You could chew on raw ginger, ginger gum or make a quick tea by adding minced ginger to boiling water.
If you’ve left the travel sickness remedies too late then you want to make sure that the smell and sight of vomit doesn’t set off or disturb the other passengers (and you). Vomit bags are an easy and sanitary way to handle a vomiting patient. The vomit bag (Emesis bag) fits over the patient’s mouth to prevent spraying and spillage while the twist lock top means that the odour is held within the bag.
Buy vomit bags in bulk or in a handy travel 3 pack that includes facial towellette face wipes.
So when you’re planning your driving holiday or a day out on the boat be sure to order and have some vomit bags handy- just in case.

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