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With the start of the school year sporting events are in full swing and that can often mean an increase in sport related injuries to soft tissue. Here’s a quick reference guide for recognising the symptoms of sprains and strains and first aid treatment for sprain and strain injuries.

Sprain and strain symptoms:
• Pain
• Swelling
• Stiffness
• Reduced movement ability.

A sprain is a joint injury that involves tearing of the ligaments and joint capsule. Common sites for sprains include the thumb, ankle and wrist.

A strain is an injury to muscle or tendons. Common sites for strains include the calf, groin and hamstring.

First Aid Treatment of acute sprains or strains includes: (RICE)
Rest the injured area
Ice packs every two hours, applied for 15 minutes and separated from the skin by wet towelling. This will reduce swelling.
Here are some economical solutions for ice therapy (better than frozen peas!)

  • AHC5001 Reusable Hot/cold pack
  • C108 Regular Instant Ice pack
  • C106 Small Instant Ice pack
  • KU011 Cool Relief Gel Patch
  • Rapid250 Icy Cool Pain relief spray

Compress or bandage the injured site firmly, extending the wrapping from below to above.
Suitable bandages include:
WB002H Heavy Bandage 5cm
WB003H Heavy bandage 7.5cm

Elevate (raise) the injured area above heart height whenever practical
It would also be a good idea to avoid exercise, heat and massage, which can exacerbate swelling.

As always, if symptoms get worse in the first 24 hours, see your doctor for further medical investigation.

So have fun, stay active and always keep an instant ice pack in the car or sports bag for quick and effective use if an injury occurs.

Contact Medical Solution if you would like more information on soft tissue first aid or visit our Sprain & Strain category on the website for more useful products.

If you’d like to book into a first aid course then visit for course details.

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