Sports are back! Is your team ready for the bumps and sprains that come with the fun?

When we bump or strain our arms or legs we can reduce the swelling by cooling the affected area. Traditionally we may use a cold pack whether its an instant variety or a reusable option from a handy freezer, but in recent times other ice therapy options have emerged.

Whilst an ice pack, whether instant ice or reusable hot/cold pack, is great for adding immediate relief to a bad bump, bruise or swollen area, it can limit our movement after it’s done its main job 20 to 30 minutes later.

To get you moving and keep you in the game we have a couple of products to help with on-the-spot injury management.

Cool relief Gel Patches reduce pain fast! Cool relief is fast-acting, requires no refrigeration and there is no risk of ice burn. All you need to do is to peel away the backing film and stick the patch directly onto your
injured area. It sticks to your skin and delivers a consistent cool feeling (for up to 2 hours). Cool Relief Gel patches can be cut to size and are also useful to provide relief from the pain of Muscle soreness, sunburn and when applied to the forehead can soothe headaches.

6 Cool Relief Gel Patches are packaged in a resealable clip-seal pouch. For Great value buy Cool Relief Gel Patches in bulk boxes (10 packs per box). That’s 60 gel patches ready to go!

Icy Cool Spray is another great product to readily cool a sprain/strain or a bump. Sometimes nicknamed “Magic Spray” by coaches Australia-wide, Icy Cool Spray delivers the coolness in an aerosol can.

Icy Cool Spray is a cold spray that provides instant ice relief for the treatment of minor sport-related injuries. Just like an ice pack, Icy Cool spray cools and relieves the pain associated with sprains and strains.

Icy Cool Spray can also be applied to unbroken skin as burn care.

These sport injury solutions are a handy addition to your first aid kit or home or sports bag.

Get back out there, love your sport and enjoy it. You deserve it!

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