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Systane 120ML

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Systane Eye Wash is a gentle cleaning solution that can be used to: wash away and clean eyes from everyday irritants such as dust, smoke, grit and pollen. Soothe and refresh sore, tired and uncomfortable eyes. Eases Irritation. Cleans, Refreshes and Soothes Sore Eyes. For Daily Eye Cleaning. Hygienic, easy-to-use squeeze bottle.

Systane can also be used for emergency flushing of foreign contaminants or chemical burn splashes (acid or alkaline)


Purified wateraqua, sodium chloride, sodium acetate
(trihydrate), sodium citrate (dihydrate), potassium chloride, calcium chloride (dihydrate), magnesium chloride (hexahydrate), benzalkonium chloride solution, sodium hydroxide and/or hydrochloric acid , purified water.

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Systane 120ML