Medium First Aid Kit 10-50 people


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Medium First Aid Kit 10-50 people

Complies with Victorian Code of Practice plus some added extras to assist with the day-to-day management of workplace first aid emergencies.

Dimensions: 430 x 310 x 160mm

Available with a drop-down door (pictured) or a side-opening door

This first aid kit ensures you are compliant with the Victorian code of practice plus has added extras to assist with managing day-to-day first aid emergencies.

The first aid kit is in a sturdy wall-mountable metal cabinet which doubles as a portable kit as it has a handle on the top. The drop-down front can be used as a work station. Also available with a side-opening door.

As per workplace regulations, this first aid kit is both water and dust resistant keeping your first aid supplies clean and secure.

Need to add extra first aid items? Give us a call! All of our First Aid kits are proudly made by Medical Solution in our Preston Warehouse so we can put together a kit that suits your needs.


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Medium First Aid Kit 10-50 people