REFILL for Medium first Aid Kit 10-25 People


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High Risk Workplace? Empty First Aid kit?

No Problem, this first aid kit will quickly upgrade your first aid kit and bring it back to Workplace Code of practice requirements, plus a little extra.

Extra items include things that are mostly used in first aid emergencies: Instant Ice Pack, splinter probes, steri-strips, Burn Hydrogel and more.

Need a new sticker for your First Aid Cabinet? 10 x 10cm or 15 x 17.5cm

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This is a refill module for the Victorian Code of Practice plus extras kit (2E/M).

The first aid contents will suit high risk workplaces with 10-25 people.

This is the refill contents only and does not include the metal first aid cabinet.

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REFILL for Medium first Aid Kit 10-25 People